Intermediate Group GuitarAn Overview . . .

Our Intermediate Group Guitar class is all about finger picking!  We will continue using the chords learned in the Beginning Class, and learn a few new songs.  With these new songs, we will also learn some accompaniment patterns using finger picking with your right hand.  At first, it can be a challenge to get your fingers to do what you want them to.  Once you get the hang of it, though, finger picking can add a whole new dimension to the songs you play and sing.  Our Intermediate Group Guitar class consists of ten 45-minute class sessions.  Eight of these class sessions cover specific topics while the other two are review lessons.  While this class includes more than one student, our instructor will track each student’s progress individually – customizing weekly practice outlines to match the needs of each member of the class.  Here is a brief outline of the topics covered in this class:


Class 1:     Lesson 1 “Fundamentals and Chord Review”

Class 2:     Lesson 2 “Counting Rhythms and Tablature Review”

Class 3:     Lesson 3 “Finger Pick Accompaniments”

Class 4:     Lesson 4 “Travis Pick Accompaniments”

Class 5:     REVIEW LESSON

Class 6:     Lesson 5 “Alternating Bass Accompaniments”

Class 7:     Lesson 6 “Bluegrass Style Guitar”

Class 8:     Lesson 7 “Notes on the First Two Strings”

Class 9:     Lesson 8 “Notes on Strings Three and Four”

Class 10:    REVIEW LESSON

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