Beginning Group Guitar


A Quick Overview . . .

Our Beginning Group Guitar class is geared toward those that have never played the guitar before.  We cover everything from how to hold a guitar to how to sing along while playing songs.  Since we work with small groups, the pressure of private lessons is replaced by a fun atmosphere where everyone learns together, and no one is put on the spot.  At the same time, our instructor keeps track of each individual student’s progress, and is able to customize weekly practice outlines to meet the need of each member of the class.  Our Beginning Group Guitar class consists of ten 45-minute class sessions.  Eight class sessions cover specific topis while the other two are set aside to review.  Here’s what you can plan on learning in out Beginning class:


Class 1:     Lesson 1 “Guitar Fundamentals”

Class 2:     Lesson 2 “Reading Chord Diagrams”

Class 3:     Lesson 3 “More Chords, and Grand Staff Basics”

Class 4:     Lesson 4 “Chords . . . Part 3”

Class 5:     Lesson 5 “Strumming Patterns”

Class 6:     REVIEW LESSON

Class 7:     Lesson 6 “Tablature”

Class 8:     Lesson 7 “Two-Part Tablature”

Class 9:     Lesson 8 “Simplifying and Transposing”



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