Advanced Group Guitar A Quick Overview . . .

Our Advanced Group Guitar class brings everything together.  We learn more advanced chord patterns, and relate them to music theory.  In addition, we cover  some new accompaniment patterns, learn how to “play like the pros” when it comes to a few guitar licks, and even get you started writing some of your own songs.  Just as with the other two classes, our Advanced Group Guitar class is taught in a small group setting, and consists of ten 45-minute class sessions.  Eight of the class sessions cover a specific topic and the remaining two are set aside for review.  Although specific topics are covered each week, we understand that everyone learns differently, and at different rates.  To accommodate this, our instructor tracks each student’s progress individually, and is able to create custom practice outlines for each member of the class each week.  We have lots of fun, and hope you’ll be able to join us in one of our sessions soon!  Here’s a look at what we cover:


Class 1:     Lesson 1 “Guitar Fundamentals and Notes on Strings 5 and 6”

Class 2:     Lesson 2 “Muted Strum Patterns”

Class 3:     Lesson 3 “Barre Chords – Category 1”

Class 4:     Lesson 4 “Barre Chords – Category 2”

Class 5:     REVIEW LESSON

Class 6:     Lesson 5 “Chords Over Bass Notes”

Class 7:     Lesson 6 “Power Chords and the Blues”

Class 8:     Lesson 7 “Key Signatures and Transposing”

Class 9:     Lesson 8 “Fun Tricks and Songwriting”

Class 10:    REVIEW LESSON


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